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Working with Mind Performance Health means you will have a team of personal trainers that are supporting, inspiring, results driven and committed towards your success.

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We are always on the lookout for talent we can help grow and also create a positive impact on the business. 

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Personal Training




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Client Results

About our client transformations and results.

Client results are produced by dedication executing our nutrition, workouts and lifestyle tasks to the best of their ability. We cannot eat, train or follow the plan for you. We can however provide you the steps that are tailored to you, bestow support and give you accountability as we are invested in your success.

Each client has their own unique results. Our goal is to maximise your genetic potential with our personal training service. We all have different genetics and starting points. Your result will be your own.

All clients you see on our website were committed to their results, worked hard, followed the plan consistently and made the decision to give their best effort over time to create the results you see.

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