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Working with Mind Performance Health means you will have a team of coaches that are supporting, inspiring, results driven and committed towards your success.

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Personal Trainer

Cert 3 & 4 In Fitness

Training, Nutrition & Coaching Internships

Casey delivers her coaching services that helps her clients best interest at mind, support and execution towards desired outcomes. Casey has come from a gymnastics competitive background and was previously a performance coach for that field. 

Implementing a coaching style that gives her best attention to individual clientele detail, Casey gives her best client experience towards exercise execution, nutrition compliancy, communication and overall consistency towards the overall result.

Casey has worked through a mass of hormonal and gut issues, these experiences being the driving force in helping clients enhance their physique by implementing evidence backed practices with nutrition, training, and recovery.

The Mission For Mind Performance Health Is Simple. Maximise the time, return on investment and the attention to detail our clients experience towards achieving their desired health and fitness outcomes.
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