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My Top Tips For The Extreme Body Transformation! Everything you need to know - Rouse Hill's Exclusive Personal Training Studio

My Top Tips For The Extreme Body Transformation! Everything you need to know - Rouse Hill's Exclusive Personal Training Studio
Feb 19, 2021
Personal Training

My Top Tips For The Extreme Body Transformation! Everything you need to know - Rouse Hill's Exclusive Personal Training Studio




Founder and Head Coach

How you can achieve a body transformation that makes jaws drop!

As a personal trainer I have had many years learning the art of body transformations and now that we have opened our own personal training studio located at Rouse Hill, Sydney NSW I have the opportunity to fine tune my own and teams skills to help clients achieve head turning results.

The intention of this blog is to give some awareness and insight of what it takes to achieve not just a bit of weight loss... but drastic transformations that make jaws drop!

Now, I will say that in the fitness and health industry not everyone intends to completely transform their body. This is due to different values, beliefs and also what the client is willing to do at that given time. With some clients you will need to work on behaviours and teach the values or beliefs of proper nutrition, lifestyle and training principles.

I personally gauge the success of any personal trainer or coach (including myself) not by the certificates or diplomas they hold but by the client results they have achieved. From my perspective, this is their resume.

This blog is not going to go into macro splits, fad diets or the pick of the day workouts. No. The results I have helped clients achieve have a common trend. Those personal training clients had the right mindset at the right time.


Day in, day out. To achieve a result not many obtain you need to go to places not many go to. You need to better yourself on a daily basis and tick the boxes on all those important variables that need to be achieved.

Consistency is a mindset. Your values and beliefs will dictate how successful you are over time.

Do you value eating food for performance?

Do you value pushing your body to its limits to get the most out of every session?

As personal trainers we can provide the skills to help achieve head turning results (Given you have found the right coach/trainer, another topic for another day).

These skills involve:

  • Sound Nutrition Principles
  • Quality Training Programming
  • Executing Your Training Sessions In The Right Manner To Achieve Quicker Results & Helping Realise Your Workout Potential
  • The Correct Rest & Recovery Protocols (Stress Management) 

Personal training also helps accountability. We intend to be the voice inside your head to help guide you to success.

Given you have the opportunity, you can also level up your result by being in the right environment. The reason we opened our personal training studio at Rouse Hill was so that we can create a culture and environment that will build a community driven for success! 

How do you stay consistent you may ask? 

Once again remember consistency is a mindset. This can relate to anything you want to achieve in life whether its your physical body, business or career.

I want you to take a look at the Be+DO=HAVE Pyramid below:


Who MUST you BE?

What MUST you DO?

What MUST you HAVE?

To change who you are right now. You must know who you want to be. What you want to do. What you will have.

I have joined a few self-development masterminds and this was introduced to me by Human Behaviour Expert Dr John Demartini. This ideology and philosophy was also re-enforced when I joined Tony Robbin's business mastery mastermind.

This pyramid is a great to tool that helps create awareness on how to achieve success. Realise the pyramid flows down stream. If you ever have a issue with progression, look at the section above where you think you have hit a plateau as this is what will allow you to move forward.

What does this have to do with body transformations? 

Well its quite simple. You have a certain vision of who you want to be. To become that person you must assess your:

Beliefs and values: Your current ideology of nutrition, training and lifestyle

Skills and skillset: Improving your awareness of the skills it will take with nutrition, training and lifestyle to achieve you body transformation success

Behaviours: How you conduct yourself through the process of transformation

Environment: The supportive environment/community you will be placed in that will help up-lift yourself towards success


Compliancy is an art. Staying dedicated to a plan takes a degree of compliancy.

There are a lot of cookie cutter plans out there that have become more popular ever since the rise of online training.

Cookie cutter programs are not built for compliancy but for ease of the person providing the plan.

Don't fit the plan. Make the plan fit you.

Simply, make sure the plan you follow takes into consideration your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Physiology
  • Movement mechanics
  • List of foods you enjoy
  • List of Foods that don't cause inflammation
  • Training programming that is progressive for YOU and suits YOUR current training age
  • Your allostatic load (Stressors)

Personal trainers have the opportunity to work closely with their clients and tailor a specific plan that can help compliancy over time. Yes, we want to get you into the shape of your life. But we also want you to take away some key principles and understanding so you can enjoy a more healthier and performance filled lifestyle at the end.

Skills & Skillset

Complexity Kills Execution

With your mindset ready you can really create some magic with skills. The professional personal trainer or personal training studio will have a arsenal of tools that will help create a physique that is worthy to turn heads.

More importantly that personal trainer will hold themselves to a high standard and set the expectations needed on yourself and themselves to make the journey successful.


Over my career I have come full circle realising that simple = better.

  • Make sure you have a starting point for progress reference: Photos, Skin-folds, Body Fat %, LBM, Scale Weight, Tape Measure. The more markers the better as they all can help make the proper adjustments over time.

At the Rouse Hill Mind Performance Health Personal Training Physique & Performance Institute we use skin-folds, scale and photos to track progress over time. You need OPTICS.

Tracking Progress

Tracking is a skill. Also knowing how to make adjustments to further progress or break plateau is another skill.

The table below shows some target ranges we like to get our personal training clients to. Keep in mind everyone looks different at their body fat % when compared to someone else.

Some Body Fat % Targets We Aim To Achieve With Our Clients

Its also important to note I treat all of my clients as ATHLETES. This is much needed to help achieve results that aren't normally achieved. Once again mindset is key.

Work backwards from your target and set realistic goals with your planning. We are able to achieve high standard results due to understanding timeframes and setting intentions from the start.


Learning nutrition is a skill in itself. Everybody has a different physiology and unique lifestyle.

You want to maximise your capabilities to lose fat, maintain/build lean body mass and also limit fatigue/stress in the process.

Learning to value the food you eat for performance will help drive your workouts, optimise your hormones and ultimately get a solid result.

Sure, if you put yourself in a decent caloric deficit you will lose weight..... But you do not want to lose that nice lean mass. In doing so your energy will dip, you'll feel flat and your body will not look like the physique you dream of!

For building a strong looking physique:

  1. Eat protein every 3-5 hours. Most of our clients will use about 4+ meals a day to achieve this ranging from 30-50g of protein per meal to aid protein synthesis and prevent protein (muscle) breakdown.
  2. Carbohydrates to fuel your performance. Carbs are not your enemy. When used correctly they will aid your physique, sleep and workouts! They are also enjoyable to eat. We believe in meal timing at MPH. Carbohydrates are best used pre/intra and post your workouts.
  3. Set your protein daily portion/target. Fill in the rest with carbohydrates or fats depending on your carbohydrate threshold. There are a certain amount of carbs that may spill over. Everyone is different.
  4. Healthy fats for anti-inflammation and hormone health. Healthy fats are essential.
  5. 1-2 servings of fruit per day for anti-oxidant benefit
  6.  Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water.

Set your daily food intake consistently for 2-3 weeks. Measure progress at the start and at the end of these 2-3 weeks. Make adjustments depending on the data.


In my personal training experience, people just don't train hard enough. They either don't know what they are capable of or are not willing to go to those dark places.

As a personal trainer that has experience working with professional athletes and champion physique competitors.... .I also have experience working with the busy, stressed out mother that wants to drop a bit of weight.

As a coach you need to adapt to whoever is in front of you. Not everyone has the same threshold. But it is important to understand your own personal threshold to maximise your performance.

There are many training methods. All our results you see on this website are achieved by using strength training as the main modality.

Proper strength training will build your lean body mass (including muscle) while also allowing body composition improvements via dropping body fat.

  1. Prioritise body parts you wish to improve. Put more frequency and volume on these areas.
  2. Set a realistic plan. Yes you can achieve a decent result training 3 days a week....but if your recovery is managed 4-6 days a week will speed things up from experience.
  3. Progressive overload. More weight or reps weekly over time.
  4. Plan recovery. Usually every 8-12 weeks our clients will undertake a planned de-load for recovery purposes.
  5. Train hard! Go in there with the intention of putting in the work with no distractions.
Extreme Body Transformations Summary
  1. Mindset is key. This will help consistency over time.
  2. Set your measurement markers & timeframe.
  3. Train with intent and eat for performance.
  4. Commit! It will be a challenge. But the reward is worth it.

If you have any questions in regards to your health and fitness please feel free to reach out to my team or myself. `

For any personal training interest please click the link below to leave your details and my management team will be in contact to run through our offered transformation packages.


Our exclusive personal training studio is located at 8/591 Withers Road, Rouse Hill NSW Australia. We are of service to nearby Western Sydney suburbs such as north Rouse Hill, Kellyville, North Kellyville, Box Hill and Schofields.

Yours in health,

Michael Pritchatt

Owner & Founder of Mind Performance Health

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